JaceBox Stainless Steel Lunch Containers – LunchBox Container Set LeakProof Light Easy Stainless Steel Food Containers Storage Set of 3 Stackable Bento Box Eco-Friendly Keto Lifestyle! BPA FREE

Tired of wasting money replacing your plastic or chipped glass containers each year? We were too, but we found out there’s an even better reason to stock up on stainless steel food containers – pollution. While most people realize plastic storage containers quickly warp, retain bacteria and leech toxic chemicals into your foods then pollute our ground water from the dump, many don’t realize that recycling facilities decide whether they should recycle glass or not based on cost effectiveness – how much they’ll get paid. Many recycling facilities quickly realized they save more money dumping recyclable glass, instead of processing it into new products. And guess what they do.

★We engineered JaceBox stainless steel containers from food grade 18/8 304 stainless steel – so they outlast any plastic, rubber or glass storage containers – saving you money, saving you shopping time, and helping you become part of the solution.

★Keep Food Fresh Longer

JaceBoxsnap tight, leak proof lids do more than prevent the leaks and spills that destroy your bags, documents and upholstery. Because they lock out air, and lock in nutrients, they help food last longer – so you can meal prep just once or twice a week, and enjoy healthy, delicious, fresh foods every day.

★Save Time Cleaning – Dishwasher Safe

JaceBox food containers make food prep and cleanup a breeze. Simply pop the rust proof stainless steel containers and snaptight lids on your top dishwasher rack, push the button and go about your day.

★Repel Odors, Tastes and Scents.When old style plastic food containers warp, they begin retaining the smells, tastes and scents from your previous meals, making your fresh, crisp salad smell like last weeks keto tomato sauce.Not very appetizing.

JaceBox odor, scent and taste repelling technology means your foods taste like they should – not like last weeks leftovers.

★Space Saving & Stackability⭐DO YOU WANT TO EAT HEALTHY? Start by outsmart meal prep with THE BEST STAINLESS STEEL FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS🌞 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!🎉 This SNAP SEAL CONTAINERS keeps food fresh guaranteed! Really good for baked goods, herbs and teas it keeps it fresh and crunchy! Experience JaceBox today for yourself and buy one for your loved ones too, you will be glad you did it! Everybody needs to have some snacks and food handy and easy on the go!
⭐SPACE SAVER in your KITCHEN ! JACEBOX is a great organizer YOU WILL GET 3 SIZES that nest inside each other and are great for a whole meal, a sandwich, salad, & snacks to take to work, school, university. A Lunch to go, picnic on the park, use on RVs, boats, hikes and trips, LIGHT WEIGHT plus the snap on air tight lids are LEAK PROOF, creating a tight seal, and are EASY to open, adults, older kids and seniors they love IT💚 these Zero Waste Lunch Containers Rock! BUY IT TODAY!
⭐ECO FRIENDLY♻️ REUSABLE, RECYCLABLE, save Mother Earth 🌎 one little change at a time. Great for portion control and creating NEW HEALTHY HABITS🍏! Clear lid, know whats inside before opening! These food storage containers are great to keep herbs, teas and nuts fresh and crunchy!⭐ Perfect for outdoors lunches, take a big salad, a hearty sandwich, some nuts, fruits. It fits easily in a lunchbox & lunch bag works great as meal prep container & lunch box for kids ZERO WASTE Get FIT WITH JACEBOX💪
⭐BE SMART! This 304 stainless steel lunch containers are LEAK PROOF, DURABLE, STACKABLE and sturdy, and practically unbreakable so you will get great use out of it for so many times not using disposables or plastic bags saving money, and reducing our footprint! Make an investment in your health, buy yours today! Make a lasting improvement in your lifestyle. And also Help Mother Earth by eliminating waste. Keeping your Family free of chemicals, and teach your kids to REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE!♻️
⭐FEEL SATISFIED The three sizes are perfect for a full meal.⭐ Small 12oz / 350ml 1 1/2 cup⭐Medium 19oz,/550ml ⭐Large 28oz/850ml DISHWASHER SAFE on TOP RACK easy to clean – Great freezer containers! NO ODOR ABSORPTION / NO TASTE RETENTION – Compre Ahora sus Contenedores de comida acero inoxidable prueba de fugas⭐ LET US KNOW HOW WE CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY! KEEP IT REAL, KEEP IT FRESH, WITH JACEBOX!⭐ Great to pair up with a thermos, or for teens and children lunch box for school! Food to go containers

Price: $29.90 - $21.68

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