JUST PEAK Reusable Mesh Produce Bags-100% Organic Cotton is Biodegradable and Washable-Very convenient Drawstring and Tare weights on Tags-Best for vegetables storage Grocery Shopping-(Set of 9)

Only the best
Unlike inferior reusable grocery bags, our premium set of 9 reusable grocery bags are made from the highest grade materials. We researched common complaints about other reusable shopping bags and carefully crafted some of the best reusable bags on the market. With meticulous craftsmanship and attention to quality, our reusable mesh produce bags are second to none.

As versatile as you
We’ve thought of everything. Here’s what makes each reusable shopping bag special:

  • Strong: unlike other sustainable products that break easily, each mesh bag is double stitched for heavy loads.
  • Smart: with colour coded tare weight tags, cashiers can easily deduct the weight of each zero waste produce bag when weighing your goods.
  • Compact: each reusable grocery bag can be easily rolled up to occupy minimum space in your drawers.
  • Secure: with a sturdy drawstring clip to prevent items falling out of your eco bag, our reusable produce bags make sure you lose nothing.
  • Versatile: if you need a large, medium or small mesh bag, this set of 9 mesh bags contains the right sized cloth bags with drawstrings for you.

Eco friendly
Like dinosaurs, single use grocery bags are a thing of the past. Each one of our cotton produce bags can be used over and over again. Make yours a zero waste home.

Organic cotton
Our mesh bags for vegetables and produce are manufactured from the highest grade organic cotton. Because the production of each one of our reusable vegetable produce bags used no pesticides, these cloth grocery bags are better for the environment.

Manufacturer guarantee
If you don’t love your zero waste products, simply return your mesh grocery produce bag and we’ll refund you. No fuss, no tricks, no fine print; just incredible customer service.

STRONG; This set of 9 reusable grocery bags features rock solid design; With sturdy double stitching, each shopping bag is designed to be lifeproof; If you need reusable produce bags that will hold up under any conditions, look no further than our produce bags
ECO FRIENDLY; Each eco bag is totally reusable and can help you transition to a zero waste home ; Say goodbye to plastic grocery bags with our reusable shopping bags that are perfect for produce storage or vegetable bags ; Cut down on waste and live greener with our eco bags
ORGANIC; Unlike inferior reusable bags , each mesh bag is crafted from the highest quality organic cotton; This means that our sustainable products use less harmful pesticides in production; Choose reusable mesh produce bags that are white in colour, but with a green heart
SMART; These mesh bags have a colour coded tare weight tag on each grocery bag, meaning the cashier can easily deduct the weight at the register; Our zero waste produce bags feature a drawstring stop to secure the contents of your reusable grocery bag and stop items rolling out
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED; If you don’t love our mesh bags for vegetables and produce, simply return your cloth bags with drawstrings for a complete refund; we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and outstanding quality

Price: $29.99 - $19.96

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